On the anniversary of Dobbs, and the revelations about Alito, here are three changes we can make to the Supreme Court.

by Robert Reich, LA Progressive

Trust in the Supreme Court has hit an historic low. A Quinnipiac poll last week found that only 30 percent of registered voters approve of it.

Why don’t Americans trust the Supreme Court?

Because its opinions appear arbitrary, capricious, and partisan. Just look at Dobbs vs. Women’s Health Organization, which reversed Roe v. Wade a year ago today — and with which the majority of Americans disagree.

Pro-choice demonstrators gather in front of the Supreme Court to protest the Dobbs v. Jackson decision

And because Supreme Court justices have been subject to bribery.

Last week, ProPublica detailed how billionaire Paul Singer, a GOP mega-donor, flew Justice Samuel Alito to Alaska on Singer’s private plane at no cost. The trip would have cost Alito an estimated $100,000, not including accommodation, food, and wine.

Alito never disclosed any of this, apparently violating federal financial disclosure rules applying to all federal officials, including Supreme Court Justices.

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