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Use these free progressive political resources to enhance your progressive activism and better make sense of U.S. and global politics. Have ideas for resources the political left could benefit from? Send us a message anytime!

Primer on foreign policy

Foreign Policy Primer For US Congressional Candidates

Primer on Foreign PolicyFor U.S. Congressional Candidates Voters are often told that candidates for the U.S. Congress lack any foreign policy platform because they don’t know enough about the topic and don’t plan to focus on it. The following is meant to quickly remedy that situation. DOWNLOAD THE COMPLETE PRIMER Table Of Contents The Federal Budget The Militarization…

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read the report: PINO Progressive in name only by rootsaction

Meet The PINOs: “Progressive In Name Only”

Dec. 16, 2021 Meet The PINOs: "Progressive In Name Only"These Members of the Congressional Progressive Caucus Often Act More Like Corporate Centrists—And Many Deserve Primary Challenges A Report By Christopher D. Cook Edited by Jeff Cohen A Report By Christopher D. Cook Edited by Jeff Cohen 1.…

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Made Love Got War by Norman Solomon Download Now

Free eBook: Made Love, Got War by Norman Solomon

Free eBook Download Made Love, Got WarClose Encounters With America's Warfare State By Norman Solomon Blending history, personal experience and social commentary, Made Love, Got War documents many decades of rising U.S. militarism and the media’s all-too-frequent failure to challenge it. As Daniel Ellsberg notes in the book’s foreword, author and activist Norman…

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