The teams at Progressive Hub and RootsAction are always hard at work organizing effective progressive issue campaigns. Below is a list of some of the campaigns we’re working on right now! Have an idea for a campaign? Start a DIY campaign at or send us a message.

defuse nuclear war campaign page

Defuse Nuclear War

We can work together to reduce the threat of nuclear weapons. Nuclear weapons pose an existential threat to the survival of humanity. Together, we can insist on diplomacy and disarmament — not more militarism. Join in helping to build a movement to defuse nuclear war.

bridge destroyed in Ukraine

End the War In Ukraine!

Take Action for Peace in Ukraine:Click the actions below to urge your White House, your Representative, and your Senators to make demands for diplomacy, not escalation in Ukraine. Sign the Petition to Biden, Zelensky, and Putin: End the War!Tell Biden to De-Escalate with RussiaTell…

How would your life be different without student debt?

Without Student Debt

Tell President Biden: Cancel All Student Debt!Apply For Student Debt Relief At By canceling $10,000 in student loans for some borrowers (and $20,000 for Pell Grant recipients), President Biden has shown he has the power to cancel ALL student debt with an executive order. Student loans have kept generations of borrowers mired in…