ProgressiveHub Campaigns — Get Involved!

The teams at Progressive Hub and RootsAction are always hard at work organizing effective progressive issue campaigns. Below is a list of some of the campaigns we’re working on right now! Have an idea for a campaign? Start a DIY campaign at or send us a message.

#NoWarInUkraine campaign page

No War In Ukraine!

Join the Effort for Peace in Ukraine Take Action To End The War in UkraineLearn More About The War In UkraineShare #NoWarInUkraine Social Media Toolkit Action 1: Say NO to a No-Fly Zone Action 2: Urge Biden to Commit to Diplomacy Action 3: Send Solidarity to Anti-War Activists in…

How would your life be different without student debt?

Without Student Debt

Tell President Biden: Cancel All Student Debt! President Biden has the power to cancel all student debt with an executive order. On the campaign trail, he promised to partially cancel student debt, but has not taken any action on this critical issue.  Student loans have kept generations of borrowers mired in debt, forcing millions to forgo…