The possibility of war in Ukraine isn’t going away any time soon. Neither is the potential of local hotspots to degenerate into larger conflicts that lead to nuclear war.

By Charles Lenchner

The news from the Russia/Ukraine border continues to be grim and alarming. Russian leader Vladimir Putin is engaging in provocative military maneuvers on the border with Ukraine. And the Biden administration continues with its ‘What, me?!’ act regarding the relentless and dangerous expansion of NATO to the edge of Russia’s borders since the end of the Cold War.

The U.S.-backed NATO policy of expanding troops and missiles to Russia’s western border is a direct, ongoing threat to Russia. Consider: how has our country responded to far weaker challenges near our borders? Ask a Cuban for the answer to that one. Or maybe, the entire history of American imperialism in Central and South America, up to the present day.

Ukraine-Russia tensions and nuclear weapons

The U.S. is intent on remaining the world’s sole superpower, but the pursuit of global military supremacy is being conducted at our expense. And the reliance on nuclear weapons makes any serious conflict a spark that could lead to our collective annihilation.

RootsAction/Progressive Hub is among the over 60 organizations calling for the elimination of ICBMs, a type of nuclear weapon that increases the risk of nuclear war.

Even if war does not break out between Russia and Ukraine in the coming days, the rising tensions between the United States and other nuclear powers (Russia and China) mean that the risk of local hotspots leading to nuclear war is never off the table. But taking nuclear war off the table ought to be our most urgent foriegn policy priority.

Join us in demanding that Congress get rid of ICBMs as a central feature of our wasteful and dangerous nuclear arsenal.