THE FACILITY, is a new film following immigrants detained in an infamous ICE facility as they protest the dire conditions inside. A documentary of life and protest inside the American gulag.

By Charles Lenchner

The Facility is a new film that follows the lives of men and women incarcerated by ICE. They are under lockdown during the Covid-19 pandemic, where authorities demonstrate repeated disregard for their lives and well-being. The film captures how they organize, protest, and attempt to use the law to fight for their lives. It also captures horrific conditions at the Irwin County Detention Center, in Georgia.

The director, Seth Freed Wessler, was interviewed on Democracy Now. It’s well worth watching. Here’s the official trailer:

“The Facility”
Photo by DemocracyNow

“How can your own government be doing this to you?” asks Nilson Barahona-Marriaga, one of the people featured in interviews with Wessler in the eye-opening footage from inside the jail.