Progressive Hub Roundup

The editors at Progressive Hub have spent another week boosting the stories that the corporate media choose to ignore. While it’s now out of the mainstream news, PH editors are documenting the COP26 summit for the failure that it was. Meanwhile, as the pandemic crisis continues to push working Americans into destitution, some industries are raking in record profits; specifically the military arms industry. And, far from abating, the upsurge in labor activism continues, from baristas to student workers

Below, check out some more of the hottest stories on Progressive Hub this week. If you keep supporting us, we’ll keep publishing what mainstream outlets routinely ignore – under-the-surface news and options for taking action!

Rahm Emanuel’s Disdain For Black, Brown, And Poor Can’t Be Cleared

Despite his cronies’ public statements, Rahm Emanuel hasn’t been “cleared” of anything in the Laquan McDonald case, writes Delmarie Cobb in Chicago Color. Emanuel has mounted an aggressive PR campaign to put more distance between himself and his mayoral administration’s blatant coverup of the McDonald case, but black Chicagoans won’t be fooled. Emanuel’s actions in the case should have meant his resignation as mayor then, and they certainly mean he is unfit for diplomatic service now. 

Amid Intense Pressure, Striking Columbia Student Workers Hold The Line

Student workers at Columbia University are heading into the sixth week of their strike with no end in sight. The university administration has recently upped the ante, effectively threatening to lay off all striking student workers in the spring semester. In response, the student workers union called for a massive protest day on December 8th. Progressive Hub spoke with student workers on the picket line. 

War After Failed War, The Pentagon Budget Keeps Increasing

With Democrats and Republicans joining forces to pass the $768 billion National Defense Authorization Act on Wednesday, we are once again faced with the ludicrous size of our military budget. As Medea Benjamin and Nicolas J.S. Davies write, despite a history rife with systemic failure, intolerably horrific “mistakes,” and frequent accusations of war crimes, the Pentagon budget is ever increasing, vastly eclipsing every other country’s military spending.

For Decades, Democrats Didn’t Fight Hard Enough For Abortion Rights

Recriminations flew in the aftermath of the Supreme Court hearing oral arguments on Mississippi’s highly restrictive abortion law last week. The Court’s hard-right persuasion was on full display during the arguments, and many prognosticators see a grim future ahead for Roe v Wade. The failure to shore up Roe, Rebecca Traister writes, stems from the same systemic disregard policymakers have shown towards women and people of color for decades. 

Starbucks Workers Have A Billionaire On The Defensive

Starbucks workers in Buffalo have been fighting back against Starbucks’s anti-union machine, and it just might be working. While the megachain has pulled in billions during the pandemic, it still refuses to pay its workers a living wage. If the unionization vote, set to be tallied today, is successful, it will mark the first time a corporate-run Starbucks store has unionized in the U.S.

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