“He has so enraged young voters by supporting Israel’s genocide in Gaza that I doubt he can win,” Klein said.

by Sharon Zhang, Truthout

One of the most effective routes that President Joe Biden could take to prevent Donald Trump from taking office again is for Biden to step down, according to Naomi Klein, author and Professor of Climate Justice at the University of British Columbia.

As Gaza has been decimated by Israel’s U.S.-funded genocidal campaign in the past months, droves of progressive voters have vowed not to vote for Biden in 2024, rather choosing to abstain from voting for president at all or picking a third party; some voters in New Hampshire have started a campaign to write in “ceasefire” in the primary election rather than vote for Biden, who will win the nomination anyway.

naomi klein photographed with half her face in shadow

But, nearly a year out from the 2024 presidential election, progressive voters are already facing rebuke from Democrats who say that progressives must vote for Biden as a form of harm reduction — while many progressives point instead to the harm to the 2.2 million Palestinians in Gaza and death of over 25,000 Palestinians that Biden has unabashedly fueled in the past months.

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