Laying the groundwork to launch a centrist, third-party “unity” ticket in 2024, the billionaire-funded group No Labels is buying its own ballot line — which is secretly being purchased outside disclosure rules that have long governed US election campaigns.

by Andrew Perez, Jacobin

In 2024, billionaires and corporate executives are preparing to go from using shadowy front groups that influence politics and policy to fielding handpicked candidates on their very own ballot line, which is being secretly purchased outside disclosure rules that have long governed election campaigns.

That may sound like a conspiracy theory, but it is happening right now out in the open. Donors and political operatives at the corporate front group No Labels are actively exploiting a campaign finance loophole to buy themselves direct access to ballots nationwide, in an effort that Democrats warn could swing the upcoming presidential election.

The scheme — which is based on a campaign finance law carve-out for groups seeking to draft candidates — could create an entirely new path to elect candidates even more beholden to billionaires and corporate interests than major party politicians. And here’s the kicker: the public might never be able to know who is paying to make it happen.

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Right now, all the public knows is that No Labels is leading a $70 million campaign to lay the groundwork for a potential 2024 “unity” ticket — which would feature one Democrat and one Republican. Democrats and media outlets have been raising alarms that the move could undermine President Joe Biden and help elect a Republican.

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