Report indicates that the long-range weapons may be in the next security package for Zelensky

by Mark Episkopos, Responsible Statecraft

The U.S. is poised to supply Ukraine with ATACMS missiles, according to an ABC News report on Saturday.

“They are coming,” an official said, adding that all plans concerning security assistance to Ukraine are subject to change. Army Tactical Missile Systems, or ATACMS, are “on the table” for a future aid package, a second official told ABC. ATACMS missiles– which boast a range 190 miles or 300 km– could help Ukrainian forces strike targets in Crimea, regarded by top Ukrainian officials and many Western observers as the Ukraine War’s decisive terrain.

Soldiers stand around in eastern Ukraine

The planned ATACMS transfer has not been corroborated by any officials willing to speak on the record. “There’s no decision on ATACMS right now,” said White House spokesman John Kirby, according to ABC News. “As the president has said, they’re not off the table… we continue to discuss the viability of ATACMS,” he added.

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