The LA Times framed a recent school board melee as clash of protesters, not the far-right attack that it was.

by Ari Paul, FAIR

Violent outbursts and a handful of arrests at a protest against the Glendale Unified School District, in the Los Angeles suburbs, and its vote to recognize June as LGBTQ+ Pride Month, have thrust the town into the news (Washington Post6/7/23). The local police chief “blamed ‘agitators on both sides of the issue’ for inciting violence” (City News Service6/7/23).

The anti-trans movement has been targeting public schools for some time now. For far-right organizations and their media organs, it is a perfect storm of anti-education, anti-labor and anti-LGBTQ rage against a public institution, where they see unionized teachers on taxpayer salaries indoctrinating the youth with queer pornography. It’s an old moral hysteria that goes back to the Anita Bryant days, but it still works to rile up reactionary forces and generate headlines.

Sunday Rally to Resist. 2,000 people rallied outside the Iowa State Capitol in support of LGBTQ rights and against anti-LGBTQ bills moving through the legislature.

The battle in Glendale received national media attention (CBS6/6/23CNN6/7/23Fox News6/7/23USA Today6/7/23), but it naturally was covered in the leading regional paper, the Los Angeles Times. Some Glendale parents are worried that the LA Times, a major source of information in Southern California, has downplayed the fact that the school district overwhelmingly supports LGBTQ rights in schools, and outside far-right activists have been driving much of the hostility.

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