Social safety net? More like social safety NOT! Three Covid-era programs keeping families above water will expire next month.

by Kelly Weill, MomLeft

On October 1, a federal program that has kept child care centers from collapse will run out of money. A federal food program for children and mothers is also set to experience dramatic budget cuts that day. Also, student loans repayments will resume for the first time in three years.

Covid-19 is over. Not literally—cases of the virus are back on the rise—but in the expiration of Covid-era financial aid. The social safety net that lawmakers unfurled in 2020 and early 2021 has been unraveling ever since its introduction. Already, programs like eviction moratoriums, expanded child tax credits, and free school lunches look like relics of a more compassionate moment.

children in a classroom

Next on the chopping block are Covid-era programs that fund child care, feed children, and pause student loan payments. Their disappearance next month is a broadside against working families, leaving some worse off than before the pandemic.

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