The Ukraine crisis is America’s crisis too. How are we so ignorant, so gullible, as to believe that military escalation is called for?

By Charles Lenchner

Last week, the Bernie Delegates Network hosted a conversation about Russia, Ukraine, and U.S. foreign policy. It featured Katrina Vanden Heuvel (The Nation + American Committee for U.S.-Russia Accord), Lindsay Koshgarian (National Priorities Project), and Prof. David Gibbs (University of Arizona) and is well worth watching.

The Ukraine crisis is unfolding at a time with President Biden and the Democratic majority in Congress is seemingly unable to deliver on its own promises – Build Back Better, labor law reform, voting rights, and other vitally important issues. But when it comes to saber-rattling with Russia, the bipartisan foreign policy blob always seems to get it’s way. Even when it played an enormous role in laying the seeds for what is happening in Ukraine right now.

Representatives from RootsAction, Progressive Democrats of America and Our Revolution – all participants in BDN – also spoke. There is a rising constellation of groups and activists working to prevent an escalation of tensions with Russia, and you can learn more about it at