Protests planned in Sheffield, Bristol, Leeds, Newcastle and other universities in show of solidarity with Palestinians

By Sally Weale, The Guardian

A fresh wave of student demonstrations and encampments are under way at UK universities in protest over the war in Gaza, after violent scenes on campuses in the US where dozens have been arrested after a crackdown by police.

students hold flags and protest banners at a palestine protest

Protests were due to take place in at least six universities on Wednesday, including Sheffield, Bristol, Leeds and Newcastle, with others expected to follow suit, in a show of solidarity with Palestinians.

Protesting students are also calling for their individual universities to divest from arms firms that supply to Israel and in some cases sever links with universities in Israel.

While the focus of the protest movement in the UK in recent months has been on mass marches organised in London and other cities, university students have staged their own protests with occupations of university buildings and demonstrations, which have been on a smaller scale and have attracted less attention.

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