“Let’s nuke Gaza” is just an interesting little talking point!

By Jack Mirkinson, Discourse Blog

Here is a great example of the kind of thing you get to say on television if you are talking about Palestinians.

lindsey graham on meet the press

Sen. Lindsey Graham was on Meet the Press (for approximately the 1 billionth time) on Sunday. Graham has been making overtly genocidal statements about Gaza for months. On October 12, for instance, he advised Israel to “level the place” in response to the October 7 attack. If someone went on TV and called for Israel to be “leveled” in response to the slaughter of 14,000 Palestinian children, that person would not be asked to go on TV again. When you’re a senator and you’re talking about Palestinians, it’s just part of your tough rhetoric.

So it was no real surprise when Graham started yelling about how if it was cool for the U.S. to nuke Hiroshima and Nagasaki, it should be cool for Israel to do the same.

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