Despite the faltering counteroffensive, the Biden administration is not considering diplomacy.

by Dave DeCamp,

Most senior US officials want to keep supporting the proxy war against Russia and are not looking for diplomatic off-ramps despite Ukraine’s faltering counteroffensive, Washington Post columnist David Ignatius reported on Sunday.

Ignatius writes: “I heard this same sentiment across all levels of the US government in recent days. The summer has been frustrating and, in some ways, disappointing for Ukraine and its Western backers. But rather than look for a quick diplomatic exit ramp, most senior US officials appear more convinced than ever of the need to stand fast with Kyiv. The United States, in their view, cannot be seen to abandon its ally.”

tanks in a line with Ukrainian flags mounted on them

US intelligence has determined Ukraine’s counteroffensive will fail to meet its core objective of severing Russia’s land bridge to Crimea, but the US is still pressing Ukraine to push harder and concentrate its forces to make a push toward the Sea of Azov in the south. Ignatius said the US thinks Ukraine could still do some damage to Russian forces but doesn’t expect a “decisive blow.”

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