The U.S. is not alone. The entire world is lagging badly in its response to the humanitarian tragedy in Sudan.

by Kristal Dixon, Axios

A judge has given activists protesting the city’s public safety training center an extra month to collect signatures to put the issue onto the ballot.

Driving the news: In a Thursday decision, a federal judge ruled in favor of four DeKalb citizens who argued that non-Atlanta residents should be allowed to collect signatures for the petition calling for a November referendum. (Only Atlanta residents are permitted to sign.)

Protesters gather downtown in opposition to the construction of Cop City
  • The judge also reset the 60-day window activists have to collect signatures — giving them a new deadline of Sept. 25, said Brian Spears, an attorney representing the plaintiffs.
  • Valid signatures collected since June 21, the start of the original window, will still count, too.

Why it matters: The ruling gives activists more time to meet the uphill task of collecting 70,000 signatures of Atlantans registered to vote in 2021 — plus thousands more in case some are rejected during the vetting process.

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