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David Sirota, the founder of the Daily Poster, said recent financial disclosure filings from former Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel (D) show that he previously made public statements that were in line with a Wall Street firm paying him millions of dollars.

Sirota, during a Friday appearance on Hill.TV’s “Rising,” outlined reporting from The Daily Poster which discovered that Emanuel, while employed by ABC News as a contributor, would make comments on air regarding Medicare for All and the Green New Deal that were in line with Centerview Partners, an investment banking advisory firm that was paying him $12 million in consulting fees for a senior adviser post.

Sirota said the outlet based its reporting on financial disclosure forms Emanuel filed after being nominated by President Biden to serve as ambassador to Japan. “Rahm Emanuel was on ABC News, he’s all over really the news, making declarations about what Democrats should and shouldn’t do, and only now are we learning who he was and who he had a financial relationship with,” Sirota said.

“What we’ve learned is that he got paid about $12 million from Centerview, Centerview Partners is a Wall Street firm that advises corporation on deals. And what we found in our reporting at The Daily Poster is that Rahm Emanuel was making, for instance, declarations deriding Medicare for All, as an example, while for instance Centerview was working with major pharmaceutical companies that have been lobbying against Medicare for All, Gilead and others,” Sirota added…

Rahm Emanuel's face and a graph showing money increasing
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