By Emma Banks, NACLA

Facing Political Persecution, Colombian Protestors Need International Support. Since April, Colombians have demanded change from their government and been met with violence. On August 26, Colombians took to the streets to celebrate four months of resistance. Across the nation, people carried signs, sang, danced, and painted murals. But these peaceful demonstrations were met with violence: vigilantes took public order into their own hands, attacking protestors and shooting and killing student leader Esteban Mosquera.

Since the protests began on April 28, officers from ESMAD (Mobile Anti-Disturbance Squadron) have consistently used disproportionate force to break up protests, aiming tear gas canisters directly at protestors, showering peaceful marchers with rubber bullets, and beating back protestors with batons. In light of growing violence from police and armed civilians, many were afraid to participate.

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