Progressive Hub Roundup

We just celebrated Thanksgiving (or “Thanks-taking” as some have it), and it’s a good time to be grateful, connect with loved ones, and remind ourselves that we can have meaningful community with each other. Even if the founding myth itself is essentially a genocide-denying fantasy. Learn about the founding of a National Day of Mourning in 1970 before you reach for those leftovers in the fridge.

Today Is Not Thanksgiving. It’s Our National Day Of Mourning.

By sanitizing the English invasion of Wampanoag homelands, the Thanksgiving myth blatantly disregards the true history of the Pilgrims’ arrival in America and the centuries of violence and oppression that Indigenous peoples have endured as a result of the colonization of the Americas.

Warren, Sanders Want 8 Million Student Loan Borrowers Moved Out Of Default

More than 8 million people are currently in default on their student loans. Sen. Elizabeth Warren has led an effort urging the Department of Education to move student loan borrowers out of default status before payments begin again in February. Bernie Sanders has joined her in this effort — a crucial reform to help victims of our educational financing system.

Right-Wing Dems Quiet While Military Budget Balloons To Over $8 Trillion

Sen. Bernie Sanders criticized his colleagues who complain about social spending but “all of a sudden forget about the deficit when we’re talking about an annual defense budget of $778 billion.” (He could have added that it’s not really a “defense” budget.)

Will Joe Biden Finally Confront Joe Manchin?

Watching Joe Biden and Joe Manchin circle one another in the center of the ring, it’s hard not to notice the shadow of white male privilege being cast on the well-being of the nation. Biden is well aware of the damage Manchin is doing to what he says is his domestic agenda. But he still affords him the courtesy of a white gentleman.

It Isn’t Just Left-Wing Propaganda; Unions Really Improve Workers’ Lives

Unions aren’t just about strikes and politics — the stories the corporate media cover. There’s a big story the media usually miss about unions: how, concretely, they improve workers’ lives.

Artists And Authors Sign Statement Against Israel’s Attack on Palestinian Organizations

The vital work of six organizations to protect and empower Palestinians — and hold Israel accountable for its gross human rights violations and apartheid regime of institutionalized racial discrimination — is precisely the work that Israel is trying to end. Israel’s designation of these six Palestinian organizations as “terrorist” groups, along with the military order that outlaws them, places the safety of the organizations and their staff at imminent risk.

Puerto Rican Debt Settlement Means Misery For Years To Come

Puerto Rico has $73 billion in outstanding debt. The new settlement will mean austerity for the many, at enormous social cost.

After last week’s Progressive Hub newsletter, a reader contacted us about a prison abolition story. Would we want more information from a network of incarcerated people and the support network trying to free them? Of course we would! We’re grateful for those connections. We want more of them.

We are here to amplify important stories that media tend to ignore, while we offer actions that can make a difference. Let us know what you think needs our attention.