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One of our principal reasons for doing this work is the shared understanding that war is a racket, the Pentagon is a bloated corporate welfare machine, and the U.S. government needs to stop meddling in other countries’ affairs. While the more-bloated-than-ever military budget is likely to pass, Senator Bernie Sanders bravely stood up to denounce it and make clear he would vote no.

Other stories worth reading, watching and sharing are about Nicaragua’s recent elections, how marijuana legalization can save the Democrats, the business of union busting, and more. Our business is amplifying the perspectives that Americans need to hear. Thank you for your time — and for taking action in addition to sharing those stories.

Best Union-Busting Inoculation Video EVER — Thank You John Oliver

October saw the largest number of workers on strike in years, and 2021 has seen a dramatic rise in coverage of unionization efforts. John Oliver, host of Last Week Tonight, took aim at the efforts to keep unions out.

To Help Democrats Survive 2022, Biden Should Legalize Marijuana Right Now

In states where recreational marijuana is legal, things are going well. Tax revenue has surpassed expectations in many places, opioid deaths are down, and teenagers are actually using marijuana less. With strong evidence in hand that full legalization works, Biden has everything he needs to make the political case for legalizing marijuana federally.

Veterans Day Is For Ending War

In many parts of the world, principally but not exclusively in British Commonwealth nations, this day is called Remembrance Day; it should be a day of mourning the dead and working to abolish war so as not to create any more war dead. But the day has been militarized, and a toxic alchemy cooked up by the weapons companies is using the day to tell people that unless they support killing more men, women and children in war they will dishonor those already killed.

Enbridge To Construct Next Pipeline As Biden, Leaders Do Little At COP26

The Line 3 tar sands pipeline is already an unconscionable expansion of fossil fuel infrastructure at a time when the science is clear: we need to reverse the carbon economy’s growth before it’s too late. Line 3 will result in more carbon emissions than the entire state of Minnesota currently produces, roughly equivalent to building 50 new coal-fired power plants.

Bernie Sanders Votes Against $778 Billion Pentagon War Budget

Bernie Sanders said he would vote against the legislation because it enriches the military-industrial complex at the expense of desperately needed social programs and climate action. “Many of my colleagues tell the American people, day after day, how deeply concerned they are about the deficit and the national debt.”

Report: “Breathtaking Cover-up” Of U.S. Airstrike That Killed Syrian Civilians

This New York Times report on the cover-up of U.S. war crimes in Syria should make your blood boil. The U.S. wantonly kills civilians, covers it up, and then tells other countries how “democracy” works.

Nicaragua: Chronicle Of An Election Foretold

The vote was carried out in a climate of fear and intimidation, with a total absence of safeguards against fraud, and several potential candidates in jail. Amid a breakdown of the rule of law, Daniel Ortega carried out a wave of repression since May.

Kyle Rittenhouse Is Part Of America’s Long Embrace Of Vigilantism

Even though the data show that 93 percent of Black Lives Matter marches are peaceful, the defense in the Kyle Rittenhouse trial this week is hoping to capitalize on white panic to pretend that shooting three people, killing two who were unarmed, was self-defense

How Buffalo News Helped Keep Socialist India Walton Out Of City Hall

The current mayor, Byron Brown, had the key support of the hometown daily paper, the Buffalo News. In its editorial endorsement of Brown in the general election, the paper propped up Brown’s power of incumbency against Democratic nominee India Walton, whom the paper called “dangerously unqualified” and “an inexperienced and unqualified leader who is sometimes driven by grievances.” In other words, the powerful corporate media outlet supported the corporate candidate against a genuine grassroots progressive

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