Pennsylvania billionaire Jeffrey Yass is bankrolling groups dedicated to shutting down critiques of Israeli human rights abuses.

by Akela Lacy, The Intercept

The sole donor to a political action committee created to bolster the Democratic Party’s establishment flank is also funding a conservative Israeli think tank at the helm of the country’s rightward lurch.

Pennsylvania billionaire and Republican megadonor Jeffrey Yass is a key benefactor behind both the Moderate PAC, which fights progressive primary challengers in the United States, and the Kohelet Policy Forum, which is working to reshape the political system in Israel.

Benjamin Netanyahu's Likud political party sticker, political campaigning for Israel Knesset elections. Text in Hebrew: Strong rightist for 4 years.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s new administration has taken unprecedented steps to undermine democratic checks and balances, weaken the country’s Supreme Court, and further entrench the power of far-right politicians, all while ramping up violence against Palestinians. Those moves have been guided in part by Kohelet — at least one of whose members is also trying to influence congressional activity in the U.S.

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