Norman Solomon returns to PDR to update us on the continuation of America’s never-ending wars since 9/11. He details much of this in his book “War Made Invisible: How America Hides the Human Toll of Its Military Machine.”

By Egberto Willies, Politics Done Right

Norman Solomon is an American journalist, activist., He co-founded, He returned to Politics Done Right to discuss the human toll of the U.S.’ military actions. He recently wrote the book titled “War Made Invisible” that goes into much of the details we discussed.

Solomon brings up the historical context of September 11, mentioning not only the terrorist attacks in 2001 but also the U.S.-backed coup in Chile in 1973 and the invasion of Panama in 1989. He highlights the systemic violence and exploitation linked with these events, criticizing the U.S. government’s role in fostering injustice globally.

Solomon criticizes the “war on terror,” initiated as a response to the 9/11 attacks, highlighting that it has led to over 400,000 civilian deaths according to the Casabor Project at Brown University, a disproportionate response to the 3,000 lives lost in the 9/11 attacks. He advocates for acknowledging and valuing all lives equally, as opposed to propagating ideologies that prioritize some lives over others.

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