Biden’s Ukraine Policy remains recklessly wedded to a failed policy of spurning negotiations in favor of arming Ukraine to the teeth.

By James W. Carden, American Committee for US-Russia Accord

In Joe Biden’s Washington, it is the self described national security “expert community” that is at the wheel and driving the administration’s Ukraine policy. 

bridge destroyed in Ukraine

A little remarked upon open letter which appeared in the Washington tabloid The Hill on June 1 put a public face on what had been until that point a discreet, though highly successful effort on the part of Washington think tanks  – many of which, like the disgraced Brookings Institution, are funded by foreign governments –  to direct the White House policy on Ukraine.

The letter reads, in part, that.. 

The United States and Europe must avoid the urge to encourage Kyiv to negotiate a cease fire that falls short of Ukraines goals and could consign millions of Ukrainians to Russian control.

The signatories of the open letter are urging the Biden Administration to stay the course and to continue to arm Ukraine, so that when the time comes, it will be able to negotiate from a position of strength.

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