Elliott Abrams’ ‘Vandenberg Coalition’ also assails the Biden administration for being soft on Russia.

by Jim Lobe, Responsible Statecraft

An open letter released Wednesday signed by more than 100 veterans of the George W. Bush and Donald Trump administrations, ex-military officers, and former Republican lawmakers and activists called for fellow conservatives and congressional Republicans to support increased military aid to Ukraine and criticized President Biden for “seem[ing] more concerned about the prospects of a Russian defeat than of a Russian victory.”

The letter, initiated by the “nonpartisan” Vandenberg Coalition, a “network” of hawkish foreign policy think tankers and former officials convened by long-time neo-conservative Elliott Abrams, was directed primarily at “conservative” lawmakers and their constituents who have appeared increasingly resistant to providing more aid to Kyiv.

Elliot Abrams speaks at a podium

“Abandoning America’s friends while they are falling victim to aggression is a pattern associated with the American left, from Vietnam to Afghanistan,” according to the letter.

“Conservatives should not be rushing to lock arms with progressive isolationists. The security of Asia and of Europe are linked, which is why the elected leaders of Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, and Australia have all sent aid to Ukraine. We support urgent, robust additional American aid to Ukraine,” it concluded.

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