Peter Oborne reports from Hebron in the southern part of the Israeli-occupied West Bank, where illegal settlers, backed by Israel’s military, are forcing Palestinians off their land with impunity.

By Peter Oborne, Declassified UK

It is the same story in every village in the South Hebron Hills.

Israeli settlers are seizing livestock, wrecking water tanks, smashing solar panels, bulldozing outbuildings and destroying the olive groves upon which Palestinian farmers depend for their livelihood.

free Palestine protestors in Manchester, UK

They arrive unannounced armed with M16 machine guns which they are more than happy to use. They beat up villagers with iron bars, with sticks, with fists, with the butts of their guns.

They assault women and the elderly.

They enter Palestinian houses ripping out fixtures and fittings, stealing money, destroying papers, overturning furniture.

They shoot to kill. Many wear military uniform.

They have imposed a reign of terror. They are supported by Israel’s army.

Their message to Palestinians is always the same: get out or be killed.

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