National Actions on January 13 Protest CDC Unsafe Guidelines.

By Mark Friedman, LA Progressive

With nurses leading the caravans in more than 24 California cities, hundreds demanded passage of AB 1400 that would guarantee medical care to all…regardless of age, medical condition, citizenship status.

More than 60 cars took part in Hollywood, 15 in Anaheim and in Bell Gardens, downtown LA, Woodland Hills …

National Nurses Union (NNU) and California Nurses Association (CNA) leader and caravan organizer, Erika Feresten told the crowd “California has the money, we can make CalCare a reality.

Solidarity Project activist Michelle Manos added “With systemic problems in health care in this country, the only way out of this mess is winning medical coverage for all. That is especially true now with Covid safety a priority.”

california medicare for all

n a press statement, Cathy Kennedy, registered nurse and president of the CNA said, “This for-profit health care system has cost lives, all so that a few health insurance executives can line their pockets. This newest COVID-19 surge further shows how broken our current system is. California has an opportunity to make history and finally say that health care is a human right.”

Businesses are fighting AB1400, as are health insurance companies. They say California cannot afford it…but what is the truth?

What Is the Anticipated CALIFORNIA Budget Surplus?

 “Despite the ongoing global pandemic and its disparate health and economic impacts on Californians, revenues are growing at historic rates and we estimate the state will have a $31 billion surplus (resources in excess of current law commitments) to allocate in 2022‑23.”  California Legislative Analyst’s Office (LAO)  11/17/2021.

LAO: The Legislature had a $47 billion surplus to allocate in the 2021-22 Budget Act.

California ALREADY HAS THE MONEY to fund Health Care for Everyone.

The statewide caravans, the largest yet, were timed to coincide with a critical date: The bill must pass out of the Assembly Health Committee by January 14th. Which it did but faces strong opposition by Democrats and Republicans, financed by Big Pharma and insurance companies.

AB1400 has been endorsed by: California Teachers Association (310,000 Members), Unite Here (300, 000  Members), California Nurses Association (100, 000 Members), California Alliance of Retired Americans (950, 000 Partners), Los Angeles City Council   (3, 983, 540 Residents)

NNU Champions Safety, Challenges CA Governor Newson CDC rulings

They reject Governor Newsom’s decision to allow California hospitals to let infected health personnel return to work immediately, without isolation or testing.

“NNU President and RN Jean Ross told news outlets the truth: that by weakening their Covid-19 isolation guidelines to seven days for health care workers — and even less time if there are staffing shortages — the CDC is putting thousands of lives at risk.

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