This week, Starbucks and Workers United announced that they’d reached “a constructive path forward” on the future of organizing and collective bargaining at the company.

by Natascha Elena Uhlmann, In These Times

After a grueling and innovative organizing campaign characterized by stonewallingfear mongering and retaliation, Starbucks workers are closer than ever to a first contract.

Days after Starbucks Workers United announced the largest single-day union drive in the company’s history, the union declared it had reached ​a constructive path forward … on the future of organizing and collective bargaining at Starbucks.” According to the statement, Starbucks will no longer deny benefits and credit card tipping to union members, and will work towards a ​foundational framework” for collective bargaining agreements. ​While there is plenty of work ahead, coming together to develop this framework is a significant step forward and a clear demonstration of a shared commitment to working collaboratively and with mutual respect,” read a statement posted by Starbucks Workers United on X.

Moral March on Washington and to the Polls, by the Poor People's Campaign - Starbuck Workers United

In October, Workers United President Lynne Fox wrote about Starbucks’ efforts to conflate support for the union with support for terrorism. ​I’m the president of a union of young workers who are now terrified that they’ve been placed on a hit list by their employer,” wrote Fox. ​Starbucks saw an opportunity to capitalize on the horrific and tragic events in the Middle East to further its unprecedented, illegal union busting campaign.”

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