Al Sharpton invited methane representatives to his National Action Network convention, where they fear-mongered attendees about renewables.

by Arielle Samuelson and Emily Atkin, Heated

When attendees of Al Sharpton’s annual civil rights convention showed up for a panel on clean energy, the famed minister and TV personality promised them a “stellar” talk about the energy transition and racial justice.

What they got was four paid members of the methane gas industry—who described themselves as Democrats speaking “truth to power”—telling them that phasing out fossil fuels is not in the best interest of the Black community.

al sharpton speaks at a rally

The panel, titled “Affordable energy is a civil rights issue,” was hosted on Thursday by the National Action Network. Deemed “our nation’s most important civil rights organization” by President Joe Biden, the multi-million dollar non-profit describes itself as “an activist social justice organization that works within the spirit of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.”

Sharpton said he convened the panel because “There’s controversies that I think need to be dealt with, discussed.”

Then, four members of the gas industry front group Natural Allies for a Clean Energy Future—moderator Donald Cravins, former Senator Mary Landrieu, former Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter, and former Congressman Kendrick Meek—walked on stage.

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