There are over 100 firms worldwide that could produce Covid-19 vaccines. They need wealthy countries to share the technology first. That’s what “Vaccine Justice” means.

By Amy Goodman, Democracy Now

As the coronavirus variant Omicron spreads across the world at an unprecedented rate, a group of vaccine experts has just released a list of over 100 companies in Africa, Asia and Latin America with the potential to produce mRNA vaccine. They say it is the one of the most viable solutions to fight vaccine inequity around the world and combat the spread of coronavirus variants, including Omicron.

mRNA Vaccine

We speak to Achal Prabhala, one of the vaccine experts who compiled the list. If mRNA technology could be shared with the listed companies, “we could vaccinate the world in as close to six months from now,” says Prabhala. “These are very much the people’s vaccines. It’s just that they are private property.”

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