Voices of hidden unrest within the military’s ranks are increasingly audible.

By Mike Prysner, The Empire Files

The day after Aaron Bushnell put on his Air Force uniform and became the first US service member to earn the title of “Martyr” across the world, the Pentagon’s press secretary was asked in the briefing room: “Is the Secretary [of Defense] concerned that this airman’s actions may indicate there’s a deeper issue, maybe US military personnel being concerned about how weapons and support for Israel is being used on civilians in Gaza?”

The brave General Pat Ryder cowered from the question with a stock “Israel has the right to defend itself” response. But maybe he didn’t answer because it was too obvious: of course Bushnell was just the tip of the iceberg. It’s a younger military removed from the jingoism of the 9/11 generation; where left-wing ideas are far more popular; while facilitating the most grotesque war crimes ever witnessed, everyday, which they see as they scroll TikTok from the motor pool or wherever they are hiding from their platoon leaders.

US soldiers wearing protective face masks.

Months later, more of that iceberg has been revealed as it floats above the ocean of propaganda.

According to Maria Santelli, Executive Director of the Center on Conscience and War, since October 7 they have helped over 40 US troops file for Conscientious Objector status who cite the US role in the Gaza genocide as their turning point.

These are soldiers who have taken individual rebellious actions to remove themselves from participating in any way–or even wearing the uniform of Israel’s biggest supporter. While CO is a right to all service members, it is a step that requires a lot of courage and resolve to take.

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