So, why do people like this give a damn about whether a trans girl wants to compete in high school sports? Or whether a 10-year-old in Ohio, raped by her uncle, can get an abortion?

by Thom Hartmann, The Hartmann Report

Billionaires are funding the GOP, and many Americans wonder why. Do we really believe, for example, that a fossil fuel billionaire gives a rat’s ass about whether a high school in Florida teaches students about gay people or that African Americans were once enslaved in Tennessee?

Why would they care?

American billionaires, after all, live in a very different world from you and me.

Black Lives Matter protest during lockdown coronavirus pandemic. Black trans lives matters sign

They don’t fear crime: they live in gated mansions with private security. They don’t need to interact with us when they travel: they’re driven wherever they go in bulletproof limousines or helicopters and fly on private jets so they don’t ever have to go through airport security or even show ID.

I had lunch with a near-billionaire a few years ago: he rented a restaurant for an entire day just so four of us could have a quiet meal while his driver and security detail patrolled the parking lot and nearby streets.

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