President Biden only served to up the stakes of the burgeoning political crisis over the last few days.

By Niall Stanage, The Hill

Democrats are still reeling from a dismal day for President Biden on Thursday.

The report from Special Counsel Robert Hur that characterized Biden as a “well meaning, elderly man with a poor memory” was followed by a fractious White House news conference at which the president — seeking to shore up concerns about his cognitive state — misidentified the president of Egypt as the president of Mexico.

US President Joe Biden speaks on the US banking system after the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank.

There is no escaping the intertwined issues of Biden’s age and mental acuity now. Polling has been showing for months those topics are among the top concerns of voters.

Some Democrats are no longer bothering to minimize the gravity of the situation, with a presidential election — almost certainly against former President Trump — just nine months away.

“Whatever language you use, I have not had a single person say, ‘Well, this really worked out well,’” James Carville told this column. “Obviously this has been a bad 48 hours here.”

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