While Republicans overwhelmingly oppose Build Back Better, the DC press prefer to blame Democrats.

By Thom Hartmann, Hartmann Report

Washington is overrun with reporters, pundits and political opinion writers (I lived there and was one of them for 7 years during Obama’s presidency). Their job, particularly for the reporters, includes asking politicians questions on issues of importance.

And they’ve been doing a great job following Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema around asking them why they’re sabotaging their own President’s agenda and, in the case of Sinema, why she would sabotage voting rights by refusing to consider filibuster carve-outs.

DC press only wants to blame Democrats
Photo: ECB

But here’s a important NEWS FLASH FOR THE DC MEDIA: Democrats aren’t the only politicians in Washington, DC! And those two particular Democrats aren’t even running for reelection. How about checking in with the politicians who must soon answer to their voters in primaries and the midterm election in November?

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