If Trump wins in 2024, Christian nationalism could reign supreme in government.

By William Rivers Pitt, Truthout

In the movie Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith, evil Emperor Palpatine transmits a message to all stormtrooper commanders: “Execute Order 66.” Immediately, the troopers begin slaughtering Jedi wherever they find them, and the massacre spans the galaxy. Only a few escape, Yoda being one, and when it is all over, the Jedi have essentially ceased to exist.

Pro-Trump protester with Christian Cross seen during rally around at Capitol building

A similar idea appears to have been rattling around in the gumball machine that is Donald Trump’s mind since the second half of his tenure. It is an executive order they call “Schedule F,” which Trump first signed in October of 2020 after his team compiled it in secret. President Biden rescinded the order shortly after taking office, but Trump has made it clear that Schedule F would be central to his first 100 days in office if he wins in 2024.

Schedule F involves nothing less than the obliteration of vast swaths of the federal workforce, who would reportedly be replaced by employees loyal to Trump and his madding MAGA horde. It is the realization of Steve Bannon’s war on the administrative state, combined with Trump’s apparently bottomless need to inflict chaotic pain in the name of revenge, and would damage the function of the federal government for generations.

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