Democrats’ belief that voters, including Black women, will continue to choose the lesser of two evils may doom them.

By India Walton, TruthOut

Despite being the most dedicated voting base in the Democratic Party, Black women overwhelmingly experience inequities in health care, economic mobility, housing security, environmental pollution… the list goes on. Activists and organizers have strived to educate, register and mobilize voters in hopes that someday not only will we see equal representation at all levels of government, but also that the policies implemented will reflect the needs of the most vulnerable in our communities.

India Walton
Photo by Carmen Paul Cibella Studios

With the Democratic primaries for president looming, there seems to be very little conversation about the failure of the current administration to do much to deliver a United States that works for us all. The end of pandemic relief programs in housing, health care, income and food assistance has exposed the sobering truth about our country’s unwillingness to pass legislation that benefits the most vulnerable among us.

The federal minimum wage remains stagnant, the Dobbs decision has eviscerated our reproductive rights, student debt payments have resumed and the continued erosion of environmental protections makes me worry that there will be no habitable place in which my future grandchildren can grow up.

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