The State Department shrugged after the Israeli government said there would be no consequences for the barbaric killings of 80-year-old Omar Asaad and three-year-old Mohammed al-Tamimi.

By Philip Weiss, Mondoweiss

The Biden administration’s refusal to demand any accountability from Israel for army killings is now an open farce among media who cover these atrocities.

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Last week the Israeli army stated that there would be no consequences for two grievous killings of Palestinians in the West Bank, though both killings were supposed mistakes.

“Poor decision-making on the part of the soldiers,” the Israeli army said of the killing of 80-year-old Omar Asaad, an American left beaten and handcuffed out in the cold at a checkpoint in January 2022.

And in the case of three-year-old Mohammed al-Tamimi, who was shot on June 2, the army said that an Israeli soldier violated orders in firing warning shots into the air, causing another soldier to fire on Mohammed’s father’s car, that soldier believing the two people in the car were “terrorists.”

There will be no prosecutions in either case, the army said.

Mohammed’s father Haitham al-Tamimi said that the Israeli investigation was a “coverup” and “this report feels to us like a crime on top of the original crime.”

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