Sources told Punchbowl News the request could be for over $10 billion and might include funding for Taiwan.

by Dave DeCamp,

The White House is expected to formally ask Congress to authorize additional funding for the Ukraine war as soon as this week, Punchbowl News reported on Tuesday, citing sources familiar with the matter.

The funding would be in the form of an “emergency” supplemental bill that would also include money for domestic disaster relief and potentially military aid for Taiwan.

zelensky in a trench

One source said the request is expected to be “north of $10 billion,” but the Biden administration is still working on setting the final number. So far, Congress has authorized $113 billion to spend on the war in Ukraine.

Financial Times previously reported that President Biden wanted to include money for Taiwan in the next Ukraine spending bill. The Punchbowl News report said Taiwan aid could be included as a “sweetener” for Republicans who might otherwise oppose more spending on the Ukraine war.

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