President Joe Biden’s campaign seized on IRS whistleblower Charles Littlejohn’s revelations about Trump’s tax returns. Instead of honoring Littlejohn, the Justice Department sought one of the harshest prison sentences ever.

By Kevin Gosztola, The Dissenter

In September 2020, after the New York Times published a report on President Donald Trump’s tax returns, Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden and his campaign seized on the information disclosed by an IRS whistleblower.

Merrick Garland

CNN reported that Biden’s campaign “reacted swiftly” to the revelation that “Trump paid no federal income taxes in 10 out of 15 years beginning in 2000, turning around a digital video and putting out merchandise within hours of the report’s release.”

Biden’s campaign tweeted out the average amount of income taxes paid by teachers, firefighters, and nurses, which was much higher than what Trump paid annually. Campaign stickers were produced that said, “I paid more income taxes than Donald Trump.”

Given how Biden and his presidential campaign responded, one might think that Biden would have celebrated Charles Littlejohn, the IRS contractor who shared Trump’s tax returns. However, on September 29, 2023, the Justice Department (DOJ) charged Littlejohn with one count of “unauthorized disclosure of tax returns and return information.”

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