By Nathan Akehurst, Jacobin

After the Taliban seized Kabul, Emmanuel Macron led EU governments in declaring the need to “protect ourselves” from a fresh wave of refugees. The West’s intervention fueled chaos in Afghanistan. Now, it is punishing the victims.

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Afghanistan Congressional Call Script

Instructions for call script (google doc)

Find your Senators and Representatives:


Hello, My name is ____ and I live at _______ in ______. My number is _____.

I am calling to urge my representative to support the immediate evacuation of women, civil society activists, LGBTQ+, religious and ethnic minorities, and other vulnerable groups from Afghanistan.

The US must supply government-run evacuation flights for these vulnerable Afghans. US military aircraft evacuating US personnel left the tarmac at Kabul airport and Afghans clung to its wheels, desperate to leave the country, and fell to their deaths. The US must use its influence to keep the Kabul airport safe and operational for Afghans — including both evacuation and commercial flights.

The government should also set up a centralized crisis line to assist in the evacuations of US citizens, green card holders, and other vulnerable Afghans who ought to be evacuated.

We must also broaden visa eligibility and expedite processing for SIV, P1, and P2 visas. Particularly, expand the P2 program to include designation for Afghan nationals and their immediate family members who worked to further democratic ideals, with focus on women activists, journalists, human rights defenders, and persons dedicated to gender equality. The US must also leverage its diplomacy to ensure that third-party processing countries drop visa requirements for those fleeing Afghanistan. These requirements are difficult to meet in the best of times, let alone during a humanitarian disaster and political collapse of a country.

Further, the Department of Homeland Security must designate Afghans for Temporary Protected Status to prevent deportations or other returns to Afghanistan, which would be almost certain death sentences. USCIS must also expedite the adjudication of pending affirmative asylum cases of Afghan nationals.

The U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan and the forceful resurgence of the Taliban is deplorable, and a disgrace upon the United States. After pursuing 20 years of failed policies that have engendered a humanitarian crisis, the absolute least the US can do is provide refuge to those seeking it. I implore you to act now. Thank you.


We continue to urge the Biden Administration to ensure the safety of the most vulnerable by using diplomacy to pressure the Taliban into an immediate, unconditional ceasefire. The only solution to Afghanistan’s crisis is peace. We are continuing our call on all parties to the conflict to agree to an immediate, unconditional ceasefire.

Support H.R. 4736, the Improving Access for Afghan Refugees Act, and acts akin to the same including the Afghan Allies Protection Extension Act, Afghan Allies Protection Act, Save Our Afghan Allies Act, Hope for Afghan SIVs Act.

Dedicate additional funding to be made immediately available to the remaining NGOs, especially those focused on protecting Afghan women, children, and religious and ethnic minorities.


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