Rally Signs

These signs print best at 18"x24" or 11"x17"

Click the signs below to access and download the print-ready versions of the file. Right clicking and choosing “Save As” will not get you the print ready file.

These signs  print well at 18×24, 12×18, and 11×17.

If you have access to a local union print shop, we strongly recommend you contact them first for your printing needs. But that is not always possible. However, 11×17 is a common size you can find at any FedEx Print store.

If you go to a FedEx, we suggest printing “Custom documents”, using “Full Color”, and a paper type of “Matt cover (100lb)”, “Single Sided” no hole-punching, and a paper size of “11in x 17in”. These will cost between $3.10 and $3.25 each. 80lb laser paper can also be used to save a little bit of money.