An unprecedented surge of dark money casts a shadow over the 2024 elections, challenging the transparency and integrity of American democracy with over $162 million in undisclosed contributions.

By Alexandra Jacobo, Nation Of Change

The 2024 U.S. election cycle is witnessing a staggering influx of ‘dark money,’ setting new precedents for financial contributions from undisclosed sources. A comprehensive analysis conducted by OpenSecrets has highlighted the extent to which shell companies and dark money groups are influencing the political landscape, potentially surpassing previous records.

chess pieces and money

In 2023 alone, these opaque entities have injected over $162 million into various political groups, notably super PACs, significantly exceeding the levels of dark contributions recorded at comparable stages in prior election cycles. This surge is part of a broader trend that has been unfolding since the Supreme Court’s landmark Citizens United v. FEC decision in 2010, which has tracked more than $2.8 billion in dark money spending and contributions.

Federal campaign finance laws mandate political committees, including super PACs, to disclose their donors to the FEC. However, the origins of these funds can be effectively obscured through contributions from shell companies or dark money groups, such as 501(c)(4) nonprofits, which are not required to disclose their donors. This lack of transparency has raised concerns about the potential for undue influence on the electoral process and policymaking.

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