As the president deploys 3,000 US troops to Eastern Europe, anti-war groups and progressive leaders warn that the United States must avoid getting entangled in another war.

By John Nichols, The Nation

One hundred religious, social justice, and veterans’ groups have urged President Joe Biden to reject military escalation and refocus US attention on serious negotiations to resolve tensions between Russia and Ukraine. The call came after the Biden administration moved last week to place 8,500 troops on heightened alert in response to Russia’s military buildup of 100,000 troops along Ukraine’s borders, and then on Tuesday ordered the deployment of 3,000 more troops to Eastern European countries near Ukraine.

Anti-war groups say no to war with Russia

As organizations representing millions of people in the United States, we call upon President Biden to end the U.S. role in escalating the extremely dangerous tensions with Russia over Ukraine. It is gravely irresponsible for the president to participate in brinkmanship between two nations that possess 90 percent of the world’s nuclear weapons,” declared groups such as Peace Action, Physicians for Social Responsibility, Pax Christi USA, the Fellowship of Reconciliation, Just Foreign Policy, CODEPINK, Roots Action, and Veterans for Peace.

“For the United States and Russia, the only sane course of action now is a commitment to genuine diplomacy with serious negotiations, not military escalation—which could easily spiral out of control to the point of pushing the world to the precipice of nuclear war.”

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