A new poll shows a jaw-dropping 94 percent of voters aged 18 to 29 want a different Democratic nominee.

By Rafi Schwartz, MIC

I’m neither a professional pollster, nor a data analyst, but I feel fairly confident saying that President Joe Biden has a pretty big problem when it comes to, uh, well, everything. At least that’s what a new New York Times/Siena College poll suggests, placing his overall approval rating in the low 30s, and his overall prospects for reelection somewhere south of your average septic tank.

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Conducted last week, the poll sampled 849 respondents who overwhelmingly pointed to significant dissatisfaction with the Biden administration, and in particular, Biden himself, who garnered just 33% overall approval — numbers that look even worse when sliced along party lines. Only 26% of Democratic voters want Biden as the party’s nominee for president in 2024, an abysmal showing rendered even more dire the younger the respondent got. Overall, an astonishing 94% of voters between the ages of 18-29 want Democrats to nominate someone else for the next presidential election. That’s not a hole easily escaped for a man who, just last week, took aim at his party’s left — and largely younger — flank as being “out of step with the mainstream” of the Democratic party for their anger at his lackluster response to the Conservative repeal of federal abortion rights.

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Poll after poll confirms:
Americans are ready to move on from Joe Biden.

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