“There’s just this blind unwillingness to recognize the U.S. does have all the power here – this notion that it’s not really the United States’ fault. It is absolutely the fault of the U.S. government.”
– Annelle Sheline, former Biden official, on Israel’s war on Gaza

By Team Zeteo and Mehdi Hasan, Zeteo

This week on ‘Mehdi Unfiltered,’ three former Biden administration officials join Mehdi to explain how Biden’s support for Israel’s deadly assault on Gaza led them to resign.

Mehdi Hasan on Mehdi Unfiltered

Also on this week’s show…

Mary Trump weighs in on her uncle Donald Trump’s hush money trial, a looming presidential debate, and the power-hungry Republicans who are desperate to be Trump’s VP. Plus, Mehdi debunks Israel’s latest attempt at genocide denial.

On Biden resignations…

The protests against Biden aren’t just happening outside the White House. They’ve also been happening within, as several Biden administration officials have publicly resigned over the support for Israel’s war on Gaza.

Three of them – Tariq Habash, Annelle Sheline, and Hala Rharrit – join Mehdi to discuss why they chose to give up their jobs rather than continuing to work for an administration that was aiding Israel in its brutal assault on Gaza.

“It’s worse than Iraq,” Rharrit, a former U.S. diplomat, told Mehdi, adding how she watched pictures “going viral of U.S.-made bombs that would say USA and then would show the children that were killed by those bombs.”

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