By C.M. Lewis & Tyler Walicek, Truthout

Elements of Buffalo, New York’s political establishment and business interests are intent on making it as difficult as possible for Democratic nominee and socialist India Walton to take mayoral office in November. From waves of suspiciously timed opposition media to proposals to do away with the mayoralty entirely, Walton has already navigated a far more treacherous path to the mayor’s office than it had previously appeared upon her primary victory this summer. Powerful interests in the city, chief among them Buffalo’s deposed mayor, are doing their utmost to ensure that remains the case.

Still, though one-time mayor Byron Brown is mounting a bellicose write-in campaign, his effort to return to office has just suffered what may be a decisive setback. A legal struggle over Brown’s appearance on the ballot line has just been resolved — resoundingly in Walton’s favor. Two earlier judicial rulings had overridden campaign rules to place Brown on the ballot. One of those decisions was issued by a judge who was allegedly less than impartial, given his family ties to Brown. The Walton campaign and the Erie Board of Elections appealed — and, on September 16, Walton announced that both appeals had succeeded, and the previous decisions were overturned.

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