Each man’s priority is to lead a dominant U.S. empire.

By Edward Hunt, Foreign Policy In Focus

If there has been anything clear about presidential politics since the June 27 debate between Donald Trump and Joseph Biden, it is that both men are running on a platform of empire first.

Despite their political differences, including their different approaches to empire, both Trump and Biden have prioritized U.S. power over all other considerations. With their multiple accusations of weakness and various claims to power, each man has cast the upcoming election as a choice over who is best fit to lead the United States into a new era of global dominance.

a split screen of biden and trump

The United States must be “respected,” Trump demanded. No other countries will “screw around with us,” Biden insisted.

Throughout their lives, Trump and Biden have been strong advocates of American empire. Although they have refrained from calling the United States an empire, knowing that the term carries deeply negative connotations, they have displayed a strong desire for an imperial America to dominate the world.

Trump has signaled his preference by glorifying American dominance. During the 2015-2016 presidential campaign, he insisted that “our military dominance must be unquestioned.” Once in office, he often boasted that the U.S. military dominates the world. He spoke of a “destiny of American dominance.”

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