Join leading figures of the international peace and solidarity movement to understand better what is happening in Ukraine, and how opposition is organizing to end it – and any future war.

By RootsAction

The shocking invasion of Ukraine by Russia has impacts that will reverberate around the world for some time. In addition to our deep concern for the victims of this unjust war, we think there is an important opening for greater cooperation between peace forces in Europe (East and West) and North America. What can we do to end this war swiftly? What can we do to prevent the next one? Join us on the Global Day of Action for Peace in Ukraine.

Date: Sunday, March 6, 11am Pacific, 2pm Eastern, 8pm Berlin

Our speakers include:

  • Sevim Dagdelen Member of the German Parliament, Committee on Foreign Affairs.
  • Bill Fletcher Jr. Senior Scholar with the Institute for Policy Studies.
  • Katrina vanden Heuvel Editorial director of The Nation magazine and president of the American Committee for US-Russia Accord.
  • Ann Wright Peace activist and retired U.S. Army Colonel.

Since the Russian invasion began, some things are clearer. Among them: this invasion is illegal, a war crime, and a serious threat to everything we care about, given the risk of an escalation that leads to using nuclear weapons.  The challenge we are facing as opponents of militarism is a real one, and many observers have had to change their thinking and emphasis in real time.

We expect the speakers not only to enlighten those active in the peace movement, but to offer a path forward, especially for those of us from NATO member countries. We’re keeping track of the latest on our Ukraine action page.

This event is at a time that allows for participants from many parts of the world. Questions? Email us: editor (at)

This event is organized by RootsAction, a progressive advocacy nonprofit that is also responsible for the content on