Fossil fuel-backed Democrats and Republicans are teaming up to promote natural gas as a clean energy source and maintain its use.

By Naomi LaChance, The Lever

Last month, Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine (R) signed legislation to call natural gas a “green energy.” The law was pushed by conservative dark money groups and passed by Republican lawmakers backed by the oil and gas industry.

Oil and natural gas processing plant with pipe line valves

A few weeks later, former congressman and 2022 Ohio Democratic Senate candidate Tim Ryan joined a fossil fuel front group that claims “natural gas is accelerating our transition to a clean energy future.”

These greenwashing efforts are examples of how politicians from both parties are helping the fossil fuel industry’s campaign to promote the use of natural gas and brand it as a climate-friendly energy source. At times, this help has entailed former elected officials getting hired by the industry.

The efforts come as the Biden administration considers banning gas stoves, based on concerns about asthma. Some cities have banned natural gas hookups in new buildings, while others are considering a ban.

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