The city’s police department has received significant bonuses and pay increases while, after three weeks of striking, Minneapolis teachers have gotten crumbs.

By Sarah Lahm, The Progressive

It has been almost two years since George Floyd was murdered by a Minneapolis police officer with the assistance of three other officers. All four have been found guilty of a range of crimes, from murder to violating Floyd’s civil rights.

So what has changed in Minneapolis since then, regarding police conduct and accountability? Not much, it seems. On March 24, the Minneapolis City Council members approved a new contract with the Police Officers’ Federation of Minneapolis on an 8-5 vote, and the details are eye-popping—especially considering the violent and troubling track record of the city’s police department, before and after Floyd’s murder.

Teachers walk on a picket line with cold weather coats and hats on
Photo by Charles Edward Miller

Here is a quick overview of what the new contract provides to the Minneapolis Police Department:

  • $7,000 bonuses for new or existing police officers, provided they are employed with the department by the end of 2022;
  • pay increases, both retroactive and current, that will amount to a 7.5 percent salary bump by next year;
  • and access to the names of anyone who files a public data request seeking information about an officer’s conduct, ostensibly so officers can understand how such information will impact their employment files.
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