Lauren Kaori Gurley, VICE

Something extraordinary is happening in factories, universities, hospitals, and movie studios across America. Workers are authorizing strikes and shutting down production in numbers that many young people have never seen before in their lifetimes.

The numbers are incredible:

More than 10,000 workers at John Deere went on strike last week for the first time in 35 years. Roughly 1,400 cereal production workers at Kellogg’s factories walked off the job in early October.

More than 24,000 Kaiser Permanente hospital workers in California and Oregon have voted to authorize a strike. Some 61,000 film and TV workers were prepared to walk out this week until a temporary agreement was reached on Saturday. It would have been the largest Hollywood strike since before World War II.

The list of striking or on-the-verge of striking workers includes: whiskey makers, coal miners, steel workers, bus drivers, and grad students. By withholding their labor power, workers around the country are pressuring their employees to offer them a better deal for their work.

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